# Automation

Make life even easier by automating the creation of tasks, exclusively for subscribers


For subscription information, see Pricing

# Creating an incoming email address

Add a new task by emailing it to your Getting Focused inbox.

Open the Automation setting panel


Click or press the "Create New Inbox" button to enable your task inbox


You can create a new incoming email address at any time Once you create a new incoming email address, your old one cannot be recovered

Create Inbox

This will be your incoming email address

Incoming Email

Click or press the copy button to copy the email address to your clipboard

Copy Email

# Sending Emails

Any email sent to your incoming email address will be automatically added to your Getting Focused inbox

Send Email

The title of the email will be the task title and any email body will be added to the task description

New Task

Last Updated: 3/5/2022, 4:11:38 PM